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Unique Lighting Options For Your Apartment

Typically, apartments don’t have pre-existing lighting in each room, and it is up to you to provide your own lighting. This can catch many people by surprise if it is their first time renting an apartment. It can also make you feel like your options are limited. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Floor Lamps The most common lighting fixture tends to be floor lamps. There is a huge variety of options covering all price ranges and styles. A basic floor lamp can be found at most home goods stores, and can be very affordable. This is perfect for a smaller space with a clean, comfortable style. For a more dramatic style, there are also floor lamps that have an arching, hanging fixture. This type of floor lamp is perfect for a corner that perhaps houses a reading nook, loveseat or recliner. This type of floor lamp also doubles as stylish décor for your room.

Ceiling Lights Ceiling lights can still be possible in an apartment when they have a cord that runs up the corner of a room and then suspends from a ceiling hook. This look can be great for a bedroom where a floor lamp may not make as much sense. These hanging lights can also double as décor and come in many different styles. Chandeliers and large, airy white fixtures are just two examples of hanging light options. You may remember hanging lights from the retro décor that was popular several decades ago. However, if this isn’t the look you are going for, many hanging lights also are modern in appearance.

Wall Mounted Lighting Wall mounted lighting is another option that is great for a bedroom. With just a little extra work, these lights can be fastened to the wall and the cords concealed with a plastic strip which is available in most home stores. Wall mounted lamps are perfect to mount at either side of your bed, or above a bedside table. Not only does this give a homey ambience, it also frees up precious space for your bedside essentials, reading material or décor items.

Don’t be intimidated by your apartment lighting situation! With these options you can customize your space with variety and character.


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