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Creating a Workspace in an Apartment

Creating a functioning workspace in your apartment can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Many companies are transitioning to work-from-home roles, schools are offering distance learning, and others may just want a space to do some planning or writing. Whether your work from home situation is temporary or permanent, a functioning workspace is a valuable addition to any apartment space.

Identify a Workspace

To be productive, it is important to create a designated workspace that is separate from your bed or lounge area. If you have the space, there are many small and space efficient desks with the ability to accommodate a variety of equipment needs. If your apartment truly does not have the space for a work desk, then find a way to create a space somewhere else. A designated portion of your dining table or kitchen counter, or even a coffee table could suffice. The most important thing is that it is a clean space designated for work.

Organize and Inspire

Find a clean and organized way to set up any bulky equipment you may need such as a printer, second computer monitor or phone system. Tuck cords and wires away for a clean and tidy appearance. Get organized by choosing a designated space for any paperwork you may need and keep it in a labeled binder or folder. Finally, add some inspiration! A essential oil diffuser, small plant and an inspiring planner are all good ideas. Start your day by outlining your daily tasks in your planner and check them off. Do whatever you need to do to make this a fun and motivational task. Colored pens and stickers or whatever does the trick for you.

Create a Routine

Although you may not be leaving to commute to an office, you can still hold yourself to a healthy routine. For instance, continue to shower and get dressed each day. Even if your clothes are more casual and comfortable, change out of pajamas and have some breakfast or coffee. Divide your day into morning tasks and afternoon tasks, with a break for lunch and even a walk outside in the middle of the day. Create time for exercise, too. This could be before or after your workday is done but try to make it the same time each day. There are many great workout programs online that use minimal equipment. Walking or jogging outside is great too. Finally, be sure to tidy up your workspace at the end of the day. Shut down computers, review your task list, and tuck away paperwork to end your workday and enter into your evening relaxation and dinner time.

During a time when daily routines are being drastically and suddenly changed, focus on controlling the factors that you can control. This will not only help you to be efficient with your work, but it will also give your days purpose and keep your routines healthy.


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