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Spring Touches for your Apartment

Spring is typically a time when people are happy and relieved to experience warmer weather and spend more time outdoors. This year, more people are spending increased time at home which can be challenging. You can still find ways to enjoy the spring season and bring elements of the season into your apartment.

Add Plants or Flowers

Fresh cut flowers scream springtime and are still available at most grocery stores. Carnations and sunflowers are two examples of fresh flowers that last particularly well once cut and placed in water. Other seasonal favorites include tulips, lilies and peonies. You won’t regret adding this item to your shopping list as it will brighten any room of the house as well as your mood. There are also some houseplants that can flower. This option might cost a little more but would last much longer. Orchids, kalanchoe, and violets all produce vibrant and beautiful flowers.

Utilize Local Produce

Farmers markets have become very popular and are a great way to utilize fresh and seasonal produce. Spring marks the beginning of warmer weather and a greater variety of available produce. Although many farmers markets are currently closed, some have the option of preordering and picking up. If you don’t have a local farmers market that is available, you can instead incorporate spring produce from your grocery store into your cooking. This is sure to help you feel the spirit of the new season. Artichokes, asparagus, avocados, carrots, radishes and leaks are just a few telltale spring items that can brighten up any meal.

Refresh your Outdoor Space

If your apartment has a balcony or a patio, this is a perfect and amazing opportunity to enjoy the spring season. Sweep away any debris left from winter storms and add some spring flair! A colorful outdoor rug, chair and drink table is a good start to making your outdoor space a place to relax on a spring morning. If you’re up for it, you could add a hanging plant or a vertical herb garden.

No matter what may be going on in the world right now, adding these simple spring touches to your apartment is sure to brighten your day. Utilizing fresh produce is a fun and healthy way to step of your kitchen game! Taking care of your apartment by adding seasonal touches may also motivate you to keep things clean and organized. Enjoy the spring season and look forward to even warmer weather and good times ahead.

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Ian Bergeron
Ian Bergeron
Aug 06, 2020

I'm looking for an apartment in Langford, BC while living in Alberta. I can't get a hold of anyone, and no one is responding to emails. Please reply.

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