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Summer Pet Exercise and Safety Tips

Summer is a fun time of warm weather, celebrations, time spent outdoors and delicious barbecue. It is also crucial to keep pets healthy and safe during all of the fun.

Summer Exercise Ideas for Apartment Pets

Exercise is important for pets all year round, but in summer there are more options that are fun for pets and people alike! The days are longer and the weather is warmer. Dog parks are always an excellent exercise choice for apartment dogs because they get the chance to run off-leash and interact with other dogs. On hot days, try to avoid midday when the sun is direct and shade is minimal.

Hiking can be another great option. For safety, being along water for both you and your pet and stick to well marked trails. Remain vigilant for potential snakes which can be very dangerous for curious dogs.

For some breeds of dog, water play may be great fun and perfect for the hottest days. Beaches, lakes and rivers can all be great fun for certain breeds to run along the shore or even play fetch by swimming out to retrieve a toy. Never throw the toy too far for your dog or into swift currents, rough water or dangerous conditions.

Heat Safety

I’m hotter climates, heat can pose a serious risk to pets if owners to not take proper precautions. If your pet needs to stay home alone while you are at work or for an extended time, try to be sure they have plenty of water. You may want to consider leaving on a ceiling fan or even leaving the air conditioning on a low setting to ensure your pet isn’t too warm as the day progresses.

It can be tempting to take pets along for errands, especially when they already spend the day in a smaller apartment space. However, if the places you are going are not pet friendly, it may be safer to leave them home. Leaving pets in hot cars ca be extremely dangerous, even if just for a short time.

Let Pets Join the Fun

Many summer gatherings are outdoors and casual, which means it may be acceptable for them to come with you! Be mindful potential hazards to pets. Fireworks can spook many pets and trigger them to run away and get lost or be in danger of high traffic areas. Excessive food scraps can make some pets very sick, so try to keep and eye in what they are consuming and possibly ask friends not to feed their table scraps to your pet.

Take advantage of the summer weather and fun activities! There are many ways to have your pets join in on the fun while incorporating exercise and safety to keep them happy and healthy year round.


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