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Spring Refresh for Apartment Pets

Ironclad Properties Pet Friendly Apartments
Ironclad Properties Pet Friendly Apartments

Spring is often a time of refreshing our own routines and our lives. But, what about our pets? After a long and potentially rainy or snowy winter, it can be easy to slack off a little on our pet’s exercise routines and wellness in general. Spring is a perfect time to give your pet a much needed refresh on their health and exercise. This is especially true for apartment pets who live in a smaller living space.


With the weather getting nicer, take a hard look at how much exercise your pet is getting, and make it a priority in your schedule to give them some good outside time each day. Dog parks, hikes and jogs are great choices, but may not be possible every day. On days when longer outings are not possible, be sure to squeeze in a good 20-30 minute walk around the neighborhood at least once a day, with a second shorter walk in the morning or evening, depending on your schedule. When relaxing at home, give your pet a good play session of fetch, tug of war, or chase around the living room. This is good exercise and fun for both you and the pet!

Make a routine visit to the vet

It is always a good idea to take your pet in for a check up and routine vaccines at least once per year, with some vets recommending twice per year. Use this fresh time of year as a reminder to recall the last time your pet saw their vet, and schedule a routine visit to make sure they are up to date on vaccines and are healthy and thriving! Don’t forget to be stocked up on flea, tick and heartworm prevention medication which is extra important as the weather heats up.

Refresh your pet’s living area

This is not a mandatory thing to do, but can be fun and will make your pet feel loved and appreciated! It can also contribute to your apartment’s spring refresh. Assess your pet’s sleeping area. If their bed is worn and dirty, consider washing the cover, replacing the cover, or possibly replacing the entire pet bed! Pick a fun color or fabric that will be comfy for your pet and contribute to your apartment’s décor. Do a thorough cleaning of their toys – most are machine washable. Toss out some of the worst toys and maybe treat them to a new toy! Clean their food and water area and assess your food storage – does it keep the food fresh? Consider getting a storage container with a secure lid or seal if you don’t already have one.

Our pets are important to us and they deserve the best of care. Take care of them and they will take care of you!


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