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Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Apartments

Spring is just around the corner! The anticipation of warmer weather leads many to jump on the spring cleaning band wagon. Knowing where to start and coming up with a plan can be the toughest part of a successful spring cleaning effort.

Organize, store and downsize!

The logical first step to spring cleaning is to take a quick trip through your closet. First, sort out the heavy winter coats and blankets that you won’t be needing and store them away for next year. Short on space? There are some great vacuum sealed backs that can compress bulky blankets and coats to a smaller storage size. Next, sort through your clothes and other belongings. If you are having trouble trying to decide what to keep versus what to donate/get rid of, try the one year rule: If you haven’t worn a piece in a year, get rid of it! You can make exception for special occasion pieces, but for every day items, this is a great rule to go by. Once you’re done downsizing and storing winter items, organization will come much easier.

Make a plan

It can be intimidating to just set out to do a deep cleaning of your entire apartment. Break it up into a few manageable tasks. One day, clean all of your windows and dust off all of your blinds. Another day, do a thorough vacuum or floor cleaning where you move all furniture away from the wall and get into all of the hidden nooks and crannies. Next, clean out your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry.

Improve your storage

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to mean an expensive redesign of all of your storage, but it can be invigorating to pick just a couple of storage problems to solve. Perhaps one or two extra shoe racks would do wonders for your closet space. Maybe you need an improvement on how your jewelry and make-up is stored? You could also add a storage ottoman to your living room that looks great and stores clutter prone items.

Add a fresh piece to your apartment, if so desired

Once your apartment is clean and organized, consider treating yourself to something new to contribute to the overall décor or atmosphere of your space. A new houseplant can make a huge difference and brighten up a room considerably. You could get a new area rug or some fresh blankets and towels in a new color to reinvigorate your living space. Maybe add a new piece of art or photo display to an empty wall. Any of these can be done for relatively low cost and can have a significant impact on the apartment.

Happy spring cleaning!


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