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Pets and the Holidays

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The holidays can be a fun and busy time with shopping, parties and family gatherings. Pets can easily be incorporated in on the holiday festivities! This is not only cute and fun, but also important for their physical and emotional health. Apartment pets need regular exercise, companionship, and stability, year-round. There are fun and easy ways to include your pet to meet their needs and still enjoy the holiday fun!

Plan Ahead

Try to plan ahead so that you know your schedule of work and holiday commitments for the week. If there is a particularly full day where you know you won’t be available for walk time, meal time, or will be out late at night, make arrangements for your pet in advance. This could mean taking them to a family or friend for the day, or asking a trustworthy neighbor to check in and walk/feed/play with your pet for a little while. Even though these are good solutions to a packed day, try to minimize these situations and instead try to spread commitments out or even bring your pet along if appropriate.

Check out Pet-Friendly Local Events

Many communities organize pet friendly holiday events! Depending on your town, there may be local meet ups at dog parks, outdoor malls, or even certain breweries or restaurants. This can make for a really fun outing for you, your pet and a few friends! If you don’t see any events like these in your area, just take your dog out for a walk around a festive shopping center or park and enjoy the holiday decorations.

Pet Friendly Apartments for Rent Winnipeg

Include your Pet in the Gift Exchanges

This suggestion is by all means optional and not necessary, but can be so much fun for the humans and pets alike! Many pets love to tear apart wrapping paper and find a toy or a treat hidden inside. It is fun to watch their excitement and fun in being included.

Healthy treats are always best since many dogs have sensitive stomachs. You could even consider a gathering of your pet-owner friends to have a dog gift exchange!

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Include your Pet in the Holiday Photos

Do you send out holiday cards? Maybe take a family photo? Be sure to include your pet in the photo! Even if you live alone, this can be an adorable idea. You could wear matching sweaters, find a beautiful backdrop at a local park or other scenic location, or even use a very informal photo. Celebrate your family, no matter how big or small, and it will be sure to bring joy to you and your loved ones. Have a wonderful holiday season with your friends, family and pets!

Remember to include them in your schedule as much as you can, arrange care for them when necessary, and maintain their regular exercise and diet for a healthy and happy holiday season for humans and pets alike!


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