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Personalize Your Apartment with Customized Window Coverings

Most apartments come with standard white or beige blinds as window coverings. These are very functional and versatile with any decor. However, you can easily add your own decorative window coverings to compliment the generic blinds that your apartment is furnished with.

Valences Valences were very popular in the past and can still bring a retro and trendy feeling to your space. A valence is a short curtain that is purely for decorative purposes and runs across the top of the window. They are really perfect for a smaller kitchen or bathroom window. The options are endless as far as color, fabric texture, and gathered versus flat fitting.

Sheer curtains Sheer curtains add a fresh and breezy feel to a large living room or bedroom window. Typically they are floor length but don’t have to be if you’d like the curtain to adorn a higher window. Sheer curtains typically come in white or other light shades, and look especially nice with a decorative curtain rod.

Panel curtains Panel curtains can be a little intimidating to install, but there are great tutorials online and and super impressive once they are up. Panel curtains involve multiple flat panels of fabric that can slide back and forth to overlap partially, and can be of complimentary colors or patterns. Definitely designed for a large window, a large wall with a sliding door or very large window would be best for panel curtains.

Curtains are an often underrated or forgotten option that can really take your personalized apartment decor to the next level. Give them a try - you will be impressed with the results!


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