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Organization Tips for the New Year

Living in a small space such as an apartment can frequently come with the challenge of remaining organized and clutter free. Clutter can make a small space feel even smaller. As the holiday decorations come down and the new year begins, a clean and organized home is a great way to get a jump-start on your resolutions. There are some great furniture options that can offer great style as well as hidden organizational value.

Cube Storage Cube storage shelving is a great and versatile option for any apartment. These shelving units can be positioned as a T.V. stand, bookshelf or end table. There is a huge variety of storage bins that add functionality and style to your shelving unit. Wicker bins can create a modern and airy feel, while neutral tones can complement a variety of décor. Bold colors or patterns can create a statement and make the shelving unit the focal point of the room. Alternating between

storage bins and blank cubes allows space for small

plants, pictures or other accent pieces you may want to display.

Storage Ottomans and Benches Ottomans can not only be a stylish accent to any room but can double as a useful storage space and even as a coffee table. To use as a coffee table, find a stylish tray that can be placed on top to hold remote controls, candles, drinks or books. Benches can complement an entryway or be placed at the foot of your bed.

Baskets Although a simple concept, storage baskets large and small are an amazing and stylish way to add organization to your apartment while also offering a major style boost. Baskets can be quite pricey. If you are looking to add numerous baskets to your space, consider browsing local thrift shops for baskets to save money. Large baskets can be strategically placed to hold throw blankets, basic workout equipment (a yoga mat and some dumbbells) or pet toys/supplies. Smaller baskets can hold reading material, toiletry items for your bathroom, mail, beauty supplies and the list goes on. Adding two or three baskets to your apartment can make a huge difference.

As you enter the new year and get ready to focus on new goals and resolutions, consider some of these tips to elevate your organization.


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