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No Paint, No Problem!

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Tips for Decorating Your Apartment Rental Without Painting Walls

A newly rented apartment: it’s a clean slate and it’s time to decorate to make it your own! Though apartment or rental living usually means restrictions on those permanent projects like painting walls, that doesn’t have to restrict your creativity in designing your new home. Below are some handy home décor ideas that will make an impact on your once-neutral space, without making an impact on your security deposit.

Create a Gallery Wall

Do you have a collection of photos or art ready to be proudly displayed? Or even just a hodgepodge? The beauty of gallery walls is that there are no rules!

Whether arranged in a grid, or a little more haphazard, it’s all about making it yours, and it can span as wide or be as compact as you need to add personality to a blank wall. For an easy way to get started on your gallery wall, try gathering all the frames you’ll need in the same colour to tie it together. Use photos of friends and family or one of my favourite things to use is an old calendar! It is such a simple, low-cost way to add a beautiful artwork to existing frames. Finally, you can finalize your arrangement on the floor before hanging. This is by far one of the quickest and cheapest ways to create a beautiful gallery focal-point in your new apartment.

Add Height

Instead of opting for lighting on your side table, add design and functionality with a floor lamp. Choose a tall, stand-up piece with a stylish shade or a modern task lamp that angles artfully across the wall without sacrificing valuable table space.

Another alternative to wall art is to bring the outdoors in with potted houseplants. A dracaena, bamboo palm or fiddle leaf fig tree are a few among the top-trending indoor plants that will add height to fill open space, all while bringing in a fresh vibe.

Utilize Shelving

Are you out of ideas for how to fill the lonely blank wall behind your TV stand? Try surrounding it with freestanding shelves on either side and layer on books, art, and trinkets. Bonus: since storage can sometimes be an issue when renting an apartment you can add decorative bins to the lower shelves for added storage!

Go Boldly, Not Permanently

If you are committed to making a whole-wall statement but aren’t allowed to commit to a new paint colour in your rental, consider removable wallpaper. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is intended to take the hassle out of this comeback trend and won’t damage existing paint underneath when you take it down. With thousands of temporary options, you can keep it simple with a subtly textured solid, or make a bold statement with colourful prints.

Whichever design direction you take in your new apartment, enjoy the opportunity of a blank canvas to let your personal style shine!


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