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Multi-Tasking Appliances for Apartments

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Which of These Multi-Tasking Small Appliances Are For You?

With an entire arsenal of small appliances available, how do you figure out which ones you really need, especially when renting an apartment and space is limited? A Panini press, a pasta maker? A blender or food processor? We’ll give you the rundown on some multi-tasking kitchen electrics to save space in your apartment kitchen, while still giving you the full ability to create a culinary masterpiece!

Electric Grill

If you love the smoky taste of grilled food, but either don’t own an outdoor grill or want to void outdoor grilling in winter, an electric grill might be a great option. A simple model can serve as the perfect open-top grill substitute, while a more complex model might have a heated top lid to grill even quicker or have interchangeable irons so you can use it as an electric griddle or a waffle maker. And if you love grilled Panini’s, just toss your sandwich on the grill and shut the lid until it’s melted perfection. The options are endless!

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Blender / Food Processor

If you are into smoothies, frozen drinks, soups and sauces, a blender may be the best bet for you! A blender is the perfect small appliance for reducing fruits, veggies and ice into silky purees and liquids. But if you want to also make short work of chopping or shredding vegetables, or creating dips or dough, a food processor would be ideal. Luckily, if you’re prepared to invest a little extra, you don’t have to get both (and don’t have to sacrifice the extra counter space!). Higher end options can come with extra attachments that give blenders more function to give you, the chef, the ability to multi-task and prep for cooking much quicker! The thing to look for if you are searching for your ideal 2-in-1, is the interchangeability between the tall, narrow pitcher of a blender and the wider bowl with a blade for processing!

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Toaster Oven

A toaster oven can be used for so much more than just toast! A toaster oven is great for small meals, or multi-tasking in the kitchen, and it can reduce energy usage in your apartment if used in place of your main oven. If you are big on sliced bread, consider the toaster oven carefully. It may take a longer time than a traditional toaster for sliced items, but it’s great for toasting artisan bread that might not fit in your 2-slice toaster, and it can also cook small batches of desserts, bake potatoes, melt cheese and rejuvenate your re-heated meals better than a microwave.

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French Press

The French press is an under-appreciated multi-tasking appliance. And even better? It is non-electric, so it saves on energy costs and cuts noise! Use the French press to brew hot or cold coffee, steep loose-leaf tea, and rinse and strain grains like quinoa or rice. It can even be used to create fun coffee or espresso drinks with its’ ability to froth milk for that coffeehouse finish!

Which of these multi-tasking small appliances will you put to use in your apartment?


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