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Holiday Hacks for Apartment Living

The holidays are such a bustling time and become quite overwhelming living in a small space between gift wrapping, decorations, and holiday entertaining. With some basic organizational hacks, you can enjoy the holiday season while remaining relatively stress and clutter-free.

Minimalist Hosting Ideas You can host fantastic holiday gatherings while keeping clutter to a minimum. Consider a make your own cocktail station with a posh minibar. Minibars can be a chic addition to your year-round apartment decor but can aid in holiday hosting very much. Provide some small disposable cocktail glasses, an ice bucket with mini tongs, one or two liquor choices and a few mixers.

Guests will love the ability to make their own drink to their liking, and the presentation will look festive and beautiful as well. Your dining table or counter space can then have a few appetizers or sweets with small plates and you are set for a holiday gathering as a happy hour or after dinner drinks.

Pick a Gift Wrapping Theme and Get Organized Keep gift wrapping manageable and contained by picking two different yet complementary wrapping papers that also look nice alongside your apartment decor. Select two or three types of ribbon, and designate a small box or basket to hold the ribbon, a pair of scissors and a roll of tape. This container along with your two wrapping paper rolls can easily be tucked behind your Christmas tree (if you have one), or behind a sofa. This will make for quick wrapping and easy clean up so that you can add beautiful wrapped gifts under your tree and easily tuck away the wrapping supplies.

Space Saving Decor Who doesn't love some good holiday decor? The problem with living in a small space though is that once the holidays are over, you need to store away all of your decorations in your already limited storage space. Instead of holiday throw pillows, look for throw pillow covers that are holiday themed. Not only will this save money, but space as well. You can simply remove the covers, fold, and store for next year. Much smaller than storing a whole set of bulky pillows. Consider getting a smaller Christmas tree than can fit on top of a table or counter top to save floor space. It can still have the same impact on your space. They also make narrow artificial trees that are tall but fit in a smaller corner.

Set yourself up to fully enjoy the holidays this season with these apartment hacks. A clean, inviting and clutter free space is sure to set you up for less stress and more holiday cheer this season.


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