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Holiday Entertaining, Apartment Style!

Holiday season is just about here, and it can be so much fun to host a holiday party or two. Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t host a fabulous holiday party. Being in a smaller space can even make the gathering a little more intimate and help guests to get to know each other. Here are some tips and tricks for hosting a classy holiday party, apartment style!

Use a drink cart to set up a self-serve cocktail station

Pick a few (think 2-3) classic cocktails that are holiday themed or popular with your guests and set up an easy self-serve station where guests can mix their own cocktails. There are so many cute and classy drink carts available, and they can look great for daily storage in your apartment as well. Arrange an ice bucket with tongs, plastic cocktail glasses, liquor of your choice, and mixers.

Don’t forget to add the proper garnishes for your chosen cocktails. Not only does this display look impressive, it is functional and welcoming for your guests.

Plan a simple menu that will keep you free to mingle

In most cases, you don’t need to serve guests a full meal at a holiday party. Think hors d’oeuvres, snacks, and something sweet. If you want to make your food offerings yourself, that is great! But pick something that can be made ahead and then heated quickly before the party so that you are free to greet and mingle with your guests. It is also nice to keep the kitchen mostly clear of clutter during a party. It can be a good approach to make one or two homemade items, a few store-bought items, and then a snack that is easy to refill as needed such as some quality cheeses with crackers, nuts or snack mixes. Keep the food all in one space with some cocktail napkins and small plates so guests can help themselves.

Assess your seating situation

Consider how many guests you may have your party and assess your current seating options. Do you have perhaps just a small loveseat? Maybe some chairs by your dining table? Consider arranging the room and available chairs to encourage socialization and ease of access for guests.

Typically, not every guest will need or want to have their own designated chair the entire time, but it may be a good idea to borrow or rent some extra folding chairs if your seating is extremely limited.

Finishing touches

That’s about it – you are ready to host a fabulous holiday party in your apartment, no matter the size. Consider some simple, festive decorations, some background music, or some party games to get the party going. You may have neighbors above, below and or to the sides of you, so you will need to keep the music down and finish up before it gets too late.

Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your guests! Periodically check on the food and drink stations, but don’t be so busy that you forget to have fun too!


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