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Getting your Apartment Ready for Successful New Year’s Resolutions

For many, a new year means new resolutions, goals or a fresh mindset. A fresh living space plays a key role in setting yourself up for success, consistency and positivity. Whether you are just moving into a new apartment or want a quick refresh on your current routine there are some simple changes that will make a big difference.

Storage Improvements

Regardless of what your resolutions may be, a clean and clutter free living space is key to setting yourself up for success. Identify a few areas in your apartment that have a little too much clutter or have always been an eye sore for you. Maybe your coffee table is always full of clutter: magazines, remote controls, coasters, etc… Try a storage ottoman with a classy and chic tray that can double as a stylish décor piece as well as a functional tool for a snack on the sofa. Too many shoes always piling up by the door? There are some unique and beautiful shoe racks available of all sizes and finishes to match your décor and space constraints. Perhaps your bedroom is the problem, with poor closet organization. This problem could be solved with something as simple as getting some extra hangers or an extra shoe rack, but if space is tight, try a hanging shelving unit, a scarf hanger that holds a large number of scarfs or wraps, or some space saving hangers.

If Fitness is Part of your Resolution

Fitness is a popular resolution and a good healthy habit. If you don’t have access to a gym, winter can be a tough time to begin a successful workout regimen due to short days and harsh weather. Try getting a stylish basket that can fit in a corner of your living room or bedroom. This can easily hold a yoga mat, dumb bells, resistance bands, a kettlebell, or other small and portable fitness equipment. Think about what type of workout you plan on doing, and make sure you have the equipment and an attractive storage space. All of this equipment is quite affordable and compact.

Kitchen Refresh

Hand in hand with fitness is healthy eating habits. Having a clean and organized kitchen and refrigerator are key to setting yourself up for healthy habits in the kitchen. Do a quick purge of your pantry and freezer. If there is any old food that you haven’t eaten in months and don’t want to eat, throw it out! Organize your spices so that frequently used spices are up front and easy to access. Assess your utensils and dishes to see if there are any broken, old or unused pieces that are taking up space. These simple steps will create space and motivation for fresh and healthy meals and snacks.

Make a Few Minor Décor

Changes If you clean up your holiday decorations and are feeling drab in your apartment, consider some minor and inexpensive refresh ideas. Something as simple as adding a houseplant, new throw pillows or area rug, or new bedding can create a fresh feel. If you are into journaling or planning, get a fresh journal, planner or notepad and pens to keep by your bed or sofa. It will not only look nice, but can relive stress and increase motivation.

Whatever your New Year’s resolutions may be, set yourself up for a successful and energizing start to 2019!


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