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Functional Fall Apartment Tips

Fall is upon us, and this means changing weather. For some, cool and rainy weather increases, while for others, allergies come back with a vengeance. Here are a few practical tips to deal with the changing season.

Update Your Entryway If you live in an area where rainy days increase with this seasonal transition, it may be a good idea to update your entryway with a few practical items. A small bucket or basket for an umbrella, a mat or shoe shelf to take off wet or muddy shoes, and a small hook to hang a go-to coat are all good ideas that don’t take up much space. By updating your apartment entryway for wet weather, you keep the rest of your apartment clean and are always prepared.

Updates for Pets If you have a pet such as a dog, changing seasons sometimes mean they need some attention too. Where does your pet sleep? If you live in a cold climate, be sure to have a comfy dog bed or even a pile of blankets in an indoor space for them to sleep. Some people may choose to have their dogs wear sweaters or rain gear in cold or rainy weather, but this of course is optional. However, consider rolling up an old towel or blanket to keep near the door to dry them off before coming in after a rainy walk. Fall is also a good time to have them groomed to make sure they are comfortable and free of fleas and ticks- summer is a time when these pests are at a high, so ensuring your furry friend is pest free is important.

Comfy Fall Updates With cooler weather comes cooler nights. You may want to add an additional blanket to your bed or even switch to a winter comforter. Adding comfy throws to the couch is also a way to be nice and cozy after a day of work or for an evening of reading or TV. Set up your kitchen with a few big mugs and a variety of tea or other warm drinks to have handy after a cold walk or before bed.

Fall is a fun season of change and anticipation for all of the holiday hubbub to come. With these minor updates you will be ready for the changes it brings.


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