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Colour Story: Top Trending Colors in 2019

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

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The colour trends for 2019 are in! If you’re getting ready to redecorate your space, or you just like to keep your apartment décor on-trend, read on for tips on how to utilize the most popular interior colours for the upcoming year.

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It’s time to embrace pink shades! Use a super pale blush like a neutral – this pale pink hue is warm and inviting, and can be paired with almost any other color to look effortlessly modern and chic – navy for moody contrast, or white for an airy and feminine feel. Barely there pastel shades like lavender and misty blue are also making an entrance, and are whimsical, yet refined, when placed together.

Dark Green

A dark green pulls inspiration from nature, and is a great way to make a room feel like you’re bringing the outdoors in. For 2019, a dark green with a bluish undertone is the favorite. If you are feeling bold, try a piece of furniture in this rich tone. If you’re thinking of trying it a little at a time, grab some accent pillows to add pop to a neutral couch or chair.


Beige is back! For the past few years, grey tones have completely overshadowed beige as the favorite neutral, but updated shades of this classic tone are making beige modern again. Choose a sleek color with a grey undertone, like mushroom, that remains neutral while still making a statement.

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Dark blue

A stormy, sea-inspired blue is one of the top trending colours for 2019. Like the dark green, this blue is finding its hue from nature. A dark marine shade added to your décor could be styled for a coastal theme if that is your look, or could be mixed with contemporary clean lines to give your space a cozier, slightly mysterious feel.

Natural reds

Last on our list, are deep, toned down reds. Think of red rock and clay or spicy foods for this colour family. Bold shades of red take a more natural approach for 2019, and work great as statement pieces when decorating your new apartment. A rug, blanket or other upholstered piece would perfectly achieve the warm and inviting effect that this trending colour was inspired from.

No matter your style, these new hues are sure to find their way into your space as some of the top-trending colours for the season to come.

How will you use them in your apartment décor?


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