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Back to School-Apartment Style

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Most students will be back to school within the next few days, and living with kids in a smaller space can be a challenge. However, maximizing space and keeping things organized will put everyone’s mind at ease as new routines are formed.

Create a Dedicated Homework Nook Kids need a space where they can focus on their homework. This should be a space away from TV and kept clutter free. Living in an apartment, kids may need to share a room or living space may be tight, but there are small desks that can fit nicely in a corner to create a semi private homework nook. Add to the studious atmosphere by stocking it with fresh school supplies and fun quotes or posters, and keeping the surface clutter free.

Organize the Pantry Back to school means kids will need lunches packed, quick breakfasts and after school snacks. Having a clean and organized pantry will make healthy snacks easy to find and grab on the go. Plastic containers with air tight lids are great for cereal, nuts, dried fruit or trail mix. Larger bins can create stylish storage for fun sized bags of chips, microwave oatmeal packs, or candy treats.

Wardrobe Refresh Many people choose to do back to school shopping, which can be fun for kids but stressful on parents’ wallets. Before heading to the mall, do a major organization of the kids’ closets. Donate clothes that are too small or worn out, and organize the closet to make clothes neatly displayed and more appealing. Shoe shelves maximize floor space, while hanging shelves can hold sweaters and jeans. Drawer dividers can keep socks and underwear organized. Doing this can help to assess what items are truly needed before heading out to buy new clothes.

Back to school time often brings mixed emotions for parents and students alike. Bring out the fun aspects of this time by making your smaller apartment space a place where your student can excel and focus.


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