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Apartment Storage Woes Solved!

If you are ready to get your apartment organized, but want avoid time-consuming installations, look no further. Our list of clever apartment storage ideas are all easy to implement and avoid tools at all costs, which is perfect for renters - let the space saving begin!

Portable cabinet shelving

Have you ever run out of room in a cabinet and wished you could magically add more shelves in order to stack items higher? You’re not the only one, and someone in your shoes invented removable shelving that essentially doubles cabinet space! These risers come in a multitude of styles and sizes, so you can customize extra shelving to your needs without even picking up a tool – that means your security deposit stays in tact, and your dishes stay neat and organized.

Multi-level hangers

If closet space is a struggle in your apartment, try using chain links or hanger extenders. These handy space-savers allow you to hang several hangers from one while taking up virtually no extra real estate along the hang bar by utilizing the vertical space to your advantage.  

Hanging organizer

If closet space isn’t so much lacking as your drawer space, try using a hanging organizer to store folded clothing or stow smaller items! It will create vertical cubbies, without the hassle of installing a closet system. Leave the front open for easy access or add decorative bins to create mini drawers.

Storage ottoman

A storage ottoman or bench is an absolute must-have– it can pull triple duty as seating, storage and surface! With a compartment under the top cushion to tuck away extra pillows, blankets, games, or whatever other items you don’t want to leave out, a storage bench is the ideal stylish solution to small space storage woes.

Rolling cart

A cart is a perfect (and moveable) way to add extra surface area in a compact space – multi-shelved ones can be used as a bar cart, a coffee bar, a rolling makeup vanity, a cleaning supply station… the possibilities are endless! And the best part is, if it’s on casters, it can easily be moved out of the way when space is limited.

Hooks on cabinet doors

Using damage-free hooks or over-the-door baskets on the inside of a cabinet door are an ingenious way to save drawer and counter space and stay super organized in the washroom or kitchen. One useful tip: hang your hair styling tools instead of stashing them in the vanity drawer where cords get tangled!

Which apartment storage solutions will work best for your lifestyle?


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