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Adding Holiday Cheer and Cozy Touches to your Apartment

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

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For many, there is nothing more exciting than putting up holiday decorations. Coming home to a cheerful, cozy space after a long day feels extra special. Living in an apartment, you can absolutely add holiday touches on any budget.

Living Room and Bedding Accents

These are the spaces you are likely to snuggle up for a movie, a nap, or just some ultra relaxation. No matter what holiday decorations you choose to add, it is important that these areas remain comfortable and relaxing.

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This can be achieved by adding a small selection of holiday themed throw pillows, a different colored comforter for your bed or an additional and festive throw for the couch. If storage space and cost is an issue, consider just covering your existing throw pillows with festive pillow covers. You could make these yourself or buy them! Similarly, if you want your bedroom to feel festive as well, consider a duvet cover if space doesn’t allow for an entire extra comforter to be stored.

Kitchen and Dining Flair

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Many people use the holidays as their motivation to get in the kitchen and do more baking or home cooking. Why not fuel your holiday kitchen energy with some special holiday towels, kitchen mat, or apron? None of these items need to cost very much, nor do they take up much storage space. Don’t forget a holiday mug or two! You are bound to enjoy extra cups of coffee, hot chocolate and tea this holiday season, and enjoying these drinks out of a holiday mug feels that much more special. For the dining table, some simple festive place mats and a centerpiece with a candle and fresh cut pinery greens can do wonders. If you wish to be even more elaborate, consider adding formal place settings with dishes, cloth napkins and silverware.

Real or Artificial Christmas Tree?

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If you celebrate Christmas, chances are you will be wanting to add a Christmas tree soon (if you haven’t already!). There are pros and cons to both real and artificial trees. Real trees add the amazing fresh pine smell to your apartment and feel very special and unique. However, they can also be messy, difficult to move up and down stairs/elevators, and can even be a hazard to your pets (some pets may try to drink the water). Artificial trees can also look amazingly special and are typically light weight and break down into smaller pieces for storage. Regardless of what you decide, don’t feel pressured to have an enormous tree in your small apartment! Even a small table top tree, real or artificial, can add an amazing holiday spirit and ambiance to an apartment.

Now, just add in plenty of time spent with loved ones (and pets!), a few scented candles and some good old holiday movies and you are sure to have a comfortable and festive holiday season!


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