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5 Unique Houseplants For Your Apartment

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

Houseplants have made a major comeback in home décor, and adding some fresh greenery to your new apartment has never been easier with a variety of options available for everyone’s style. If you’ve looked on longingly but weren’t sure where to start to find the right fit for your apartment, have no fear - with our list of unique-looking houseplants and their varying level of care, you’ll be showing off your indoor garden in no time.

Snake plant

This unique trending houseplant is a great one for beginners due to its hardy nature. While it needs some sun to truly thrive, it is one of the most tolerant plants around and can survive in lower light as well. It only needs to be watered a few times per month and even has air-detoxifying abilities. Try planting it in a decorative pot in that corner that needs a little something extra!

Bamboo palm

The large, leafy fronds of a bamboo palm will bring a touch of the tropics into your apartment. A medium to large houseplant to be potted on the floor or on a sturdy stand, this plant will not do well in full sunlight, so make sure to give it filtered sun, or even low light. This plant does require watering a few times a week, and potentially misting during the dry winter, but make sure not to over-water to avoid sogginess and rot.

String of pearls

Perfect for planting in a hanging basket by a bright window, this trendy trailing succulent is a real statement! This somewhat strange succulent grows outward rather than upward and looks amazing as it grows down over the edge of the basket. Like most other succulents, they require little water, as the bright green bead-like foliage stores what they need.


A dracaena is an easy-to-care-for houseplant that will add drama to your space. With its long, sword-like leaves on a narrow trunk that can grow tall, this plant is perfect for a spot in your space where you’re looking to add some height. A dracaena needs filtered light, as its leaves will be scorched in direct sunlight, and requires a watering schedule that allows for the soil to dry in between.

Spider plant

For another striking option that looks great when allowed to trail, look no further than the spider plant. Their striped shoots of leaves grow in starburst shapes on the ends called ‘spiderettes’ once they are mature. While this lower light survivor does need to be watered regularly, it’s hardy enough to stand a short dry spell if you forget to give it a drink every few days!

Plants are not just decorative, they also clean the air in your apartment naturally too! Do you have a favourite plant that grows well in your apartment? Comment below and let us know.


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