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3 Steps To A Summer-Ready Patio

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

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Summer has arrived, and that means patio season has too! Whether you are in your newly rented apartment or you have been there for years if your outdoor space needs some sprucing, don’t wait.

Follow these simple steps to maximize space and style with your balcony or patio decor, and get out there to enjoy the sunshine.

Start with Seating & Surface

Don’t be intimidated by the over-sized patio furniture displays at the hardware store. Even working with a smaller space like your apartment balcony, you have a myriad of options for creating a seating area that works for you:

Two chairs & table – reminiscent of a picturesque café, dainty foldable chairs with a small table leave the rest of your outdoor space wide open.

A chaise & table – if you’re dreaming of lounging in the sun, opt for a single, cushioned chaise, and choose a small patio table to match. When you’re on your own, you can stretch out, but when company comes over, it doubles as a couch.

Corner banquette & table – Use benches against the wall and railing to create an L-shaped seating area. This gives you a bit more space to spread out, while also using every inch. You can add a single foldable chair for additional seating, and choose benches with compartments underneath if you’re looking to add storage.

Tip: If you love to host, pick a narrow, outdoor sideboard to double as storage and serving space. There are even options that fold out so that when they aren’t in use, they tuck neatly away.

2. Get Planting!

Use potted flowers to add fun colour and a yard-like feel. Do some quick research on the best plants for the level of sun your balcony receives before you plant your mini oasis, and get your green thumb on.

Even adding a little bit of greenery will give your patio a more complete (and of course summery) look. And if bugs are a bother in your outdoor space, try planting lemongrass or lavender – they act as a natural repellent.

3. Accessorize!

Throw pillows aren’t just for your couch; mix and match a few colourful outdoor pillows to give your seating area an inviting and cozy feel.

Bright candle holders, lanterns, trays and tile coasters are just a few other outdoor accessories that you can add to make your space say ‘summer!’ Try mixing complementary hues like blue and yellow, or a sunny combination of orange and reds.

Whether you’re ready to enjoy the season hanging solo on a quiet evening, or hosting an outdoor soiree, your apartment balcony will be truly cozy and summer-ready with these simple decorating tips!


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