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Personalized Wall Décor for Your Apartment

Making your apartment feel personalized and stylish is an important step to making it feel like home. Wall décor is one key piece of this puzzle. Most apartments have generic white walls, and have rules that don’t allow you to change the wall color. However, there are plenty of décor ideas to spice up your wall space.

Floating Shelves Floating shelves are an option that adds a modern and functional style to your space. They come in different types and finishes of wood, and are easy to install. You can then add a mixture of framed pictures, small potted plants and other personalized décor pieces.

Gallery Wall A gallery wall is a great way to make a space feel personalized because it allows you to add numerous pictures of friends and families. Start by selecting a variety of pictures of the special people in your life that spark memories of your happiest times. A mixture of portrait and landscape photos, as well as a mixture of photo sizes, adds pleasant contrast to the wall. Lastly, find a variety of complimentary frames. Thrift stores are a great place to find frames at a discounted price.

Mirrors Mirrors are a great way to add décor to a wall when you can’t think of any other way to fill a wall space. They can also add any type of style that you want to your space. Sunburst mirrors are popular right now and tend to be both modern and a little glamorous. You could select one large one or several smaller ones that you can cluster together. Framed mirrors are nice as well and can range from rustic, natural or modern and polished.

Sprucing up a blank wall has an unexpected impact on the overall feeling of your space. Make a weekend project out of it and you will be surprised and impressed with the results.


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