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Kid Friendly Apartment Décor

If you want to have a stylish apartment but think you can’t because you have small children, think again! With a few savvy home décor ideas and some neat organization tricks, a chic, kid-friendly apartment is yours for the creating.

Storage, Storage, Storage

As most organized parents know, storage bins and shelves are a shared space’s best friend. Book shelves, bins, benches and storage units are the perfect way to tuck away toys and accessories. With so many great new storage bins designs to choose from, you can easily add a touch of style to your shelving with a trendy stripe or chevon patterned fabric bin.

Utilize Collapsible items 

When it comes time to put your little one’s items away, fold-away and collapsing pieces are a great way to save space in a shared area. Foldable cribs or folding chairs are great examples of pieces that can be put away while not in use to open up extra real estate in your apartment.

Coffee Table

Hard corners on a favorite coffee table placed in the middle of the room are cringe-worthy for parents. But there are plenty of circular table options for every style and budget – between rustic wood or modern acrylic, a corner-free table for your living space is out there. 

An even more kid-friendly option could be an ottoman instead of a coffee table – choose a stain-resistant easy-clean fabric and add a tray or two for a sturdy surface to set drinks or style knick-knacks.

Use Their Art as Your Art 

Pick a few of your favorite pieces of your kids’ art, and instead of sticking it on the fridge, mix it into your wall decor. Frame them to create a gallery wall, or hang them with clothes pins along an artfully draped twine across the wall so that you can easily change it out as they create new favorites. They will love that you incorporated their art into the decor and it adds a sense of whimsy and fun colour to your space.

Pick a Corner

Designating a kid corner or space in an apartment is key, because you might not have the extra room in your apartment to designate as a playroom. Arrange bigger items like their table or tent in the corner, and while you might not stash every one of their items there, a sense of a space of their own is great for your child.

Have Fun!

Home decor doesn’t have to be neutral to be grown up, and fun decor doesn’t have to be kids-only either! For your large furniture like the couch, choose clean lines and toned-down colours that will be a calm backdrop for bright toys and kids’ items. Then incorporate pops of bright colour in modern prints or shapes for your accessories - it will create a middle ground between allows everyone to feel welcome, while adding a sense of fun!

However you choose to make your child-friendly space beautiful, the key is blending kid space with adult space in a savvy way, instead of trying to separate too harshly. Happy decorating!


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