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Holiday Apartment Cleaning Hacks

Before the holidays get into full swing, it is a good idea to do some good cleaning prior to hosting, putting up decorations and extra holiday baking.

Prep for Decorations

If you plan to decorate your windows with lights, window clings or simply want to start the winter with clean windows, try mixing equal parts water and white vinegar. Spray onto the windows and wipe clean. Your windows will sparkle and be streak free. This just takes a few minutes to do and works great on mirrors too! If you plan to put up a Christmas tree, take five minutes to move any furniture if necessary are give the niche where you plan to place the tree a good vacuum and dust off for a fresh and inspiring start to the fun of decorating your tree.

Kitchen Refresh Baking soda is one of the most handy kitchen cleaning tools you can have. It is particularly useful with caked on food such as on stove burners or casserole dishes. Mix with a small amount of water to form a paste, coat the trouble spot with your mixture, and wait 15 minutes. If the mess is especially stubborn, soak in hot water for an extra 15 minutes afterwards. Stinky garbage disposals can be cured with a small squirt of dish soap and hot water ran directly into the running garbage disposal.

Keep your Bathroom Ready for Guests With hosting at its peak during the holidays, you’ll want to keep your bathroom clean for guests. If you do a deep clean if your shower, floor, baseboards, sink and toilet a week or so before your first holiday party, you can then just do a quick wipe down and empty the trash the day of. Any all purpose cleaning solution that you like and a cleaning rag can then be used to refresh the sink, floor and toilet in minutes. Your guests will be impressed. Add a nice hand soap and fluffy towel for a finishing touch.

The holidays are a busy and exciting time and cleaning should not be a big worry during this time. Use these cleaning hacks to make your life easier.


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